Benefits of Using Board Management Software

The Benefits of Using Board Management Software at Your Next Meeting

Meetings are an important part of the workflow. But often, you have to participate in useless, time-consuming, and fruitless work meetings. As a result, many employees see meetings as a waste of time.

But it’s not. Using board portals can turn any boring and useless meeting into the most effectively spent 20 minutes in the business life of a process participant.

How to prepare with the board portal

Some may think scheduling meetings in advance is a waste of time; you can sketch out a preliminary plan and speak impromptu. But, as a rule, this does not work out. During a public speech in front of employees, and partners, emotions take over, and if you do not have a meeting plan, you can easily lose your thoughts, and the focus of attention can shift away from solving an urgent problem. That’s why it’s worth scheduling meetings ahead of time if you want results.

Record questions in the plan for a future meeting

Questions should be purposeful, specific, and clear. Do not ask a lot of questions, so the focus of attention can be lost. It is better if the questions are addressed not to all employees but a specific person. Each meeting participant can receive questions in advance via e-mail or the board portal.

Visual materials in the application board portal

When launching a new product or any internal changes in the company, it is better to prepare visual materials. To do this, you can design beautiful presentations in board portals.

Set the rules

Each meeting format should have a clear start and end time. In addition, it is worth setting limits on the performance of each employee, for example, 5 minutes. This will avoid empty words and speak only to the point.

Appoint a referent

The obligation of the referent to record the decisions made at the meeting. In the future, this will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the meeting. In the board portal, this is especially convenient due to convenient administrative tools.

How to Run a Meeting Effectively: A Recipe for Success

Proper planning (prepared list of questions, clearly articulated goal) and meeting organization is the first recipe for success.

  • Set a schedule right away. Stick to your plan. Ask a question on the problem, a specific employee who is responsible for this.
  • Let’s speak to others, not just answer questions. At meetings, everyone should speak out, so greater productivity is achieved, colleagues feel important participants in the process, and their opinion is important to management.
  • Assign a specific person to oversee the resolution of the problem discussed at the meeting and give him the rights of the administrator of a particular forum.
  • Decisions made at the meeting are better recorded in the meeting resolution, which the board portal can generate automatically.

A productive meeting is when employees clearly understand what to do after it ends and how to solve a problem. And the management knows who is responsible for what, and the answers to the prepared questions have already been received.

Each meeting participant should return to work with a positive impression, a cheerful attitude, and an understanding of the tasks. Then the meeting can be considered successful.


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